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BFC Computing Mailing List Service

List of the commands of the Sympa mail interface

All commands are to be sent at

It is possible to send several commands in a single message. Commands are to be entered in the message body (one command per line).

Commands for users

HELP: receive a list of all available commands
LISTS: receive a list of all lists managed on the server
WHICH: receive a list of all lists to which you are subscribed
CONFIRM key: confirm sending of a message (according to the way the list is configured)
QUIT: indicates the end of the commands (used to ignore a signature)

INFO list: get information about the list
REVIEW list: receive a list of all list members
SUBSCRIBE list name: subscription (or subscription confirmation) to the list
INVITE list email: invite someone to subscribe to the list
UNSUBSCRIBE list email: unsubscribe from the list. The email address is required only if you want to unsubscribe with an address other than the address with which you send the message
UNSUBSCRIBE * email: unsubscribe from all the lists to which you are subscribed

SET list NOMAIL: suspend receipt of the list's messages
SET list DIGEST: receive messages in digest mode
SET list DIGESTPLAIN: receive messages in digest mode (plain text)
SET list SUMMARY: only receive the message list
SET list NOTICE: only receive the message subjects
SET list MAIL: normal message delivery mode
SET list CONCEAL: become unlisted (hidden subscriber address)
SET list NOCONCEAL: subscriber address visible via REView

INDEX list: receive the list of the archive files
GET list file: receive a file of the list archive
LAST list: receive the list's most recent message

Commands for list owners

ADD list email name: add a member to the list
DEL list email: remove a subscriber from the list
STATS list: check the statistics for the list
REMIND list: send to all subscribers a personalized reminder with the address with which he/she is subscribed to the list

Commands for list moderators

DISTRIBUTE list key: approve of a message
REJECT list key: reject a message to be moderated
MODINDEX list: check the list of messages to be moderated

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