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BFC Computing Mailing List Service


From this page, you can decide:

If you want to limit access to these functions according to other criteria, you should ask the listmasters: they may be able to create a new option matching your needs (example: Allow subscription only by members of a user group, of an Internet domain, etc.).

From this page, you can also define the access rights applying to the shared document web space ('Shared documents' section of the list, accessible through a link in the left menu). You can define both the read and write access rights for the documents:

The 'Quota' input box allows you to define a maximum size not to be exceeded for the shared document web space. This size does not represent the maximum size of one document published in the shared document web space, but the maximum size for all documents published on the list. It is expressed in kilobytes. When a subscriber tries to publish a too large document regarding the space left, he/she gets an error message.

To know more about the management of the shared document web space (how to organize it, change access rights, name documents, etc.), please refer to the 'Using the shared document web space' section of the User guide.

BE CAREFUL: do not forget to click on the 'Apply modifications' button on bottom of page to save all your changes.

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