[DLSLUG-Announce] tonight's meeting / brief addendum

Lloyd Kvam python at venix.com
Thu Aug 1 22:33:46 EDT 2019

We wound up talking a lot about Forth, a stack based language that was originally developed to
serve the needs of Astronomers.

My Life as a Forth Interpreter

I thought this was one of the very best articles ever published in "Computer Language". It is
very funny, but also does a great job of explaining how Forth worked.

   The woman at the employment agencygave my resume a cursory look and askeda few questions.
   Curiously, we talked mainly about Polish and about something she called Reverse Polish,
   which I gathered was a sort of backwards jargon, like pig Latin. I told her plainly that I
   could speak no Polish either backwards or forwards, but it made no difference; all of
   Central Europe was of a piece to her. At the end of our brief interview she said I could
   have the job, and she scribbled the address on a slip of paper.

I was pleased to find the piece and hope you enjoy it.

Lloyd Kvam

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