[DLSLUG-Announce] DLSLUG Library: new Right of Return model

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Fri Dec 2 13:25:13 EST 2005

The DLSLUG library:


graciously hosted at Venix Corp at 1 Court St., Lebanon by our 
librarian, Lloyd Kvam, has grown nicely thanks to donations from 
O'Reilly and Prentince Hall/PTG/Adisson Weseley.  But there are some 
noticeable holes in the collection, and not everything a group member 
would be looking for is well represented.  We accept that good 
documentation is essential to running and promoting Linux.

Now, we take that problem and add to it that most of us have several 
technical books on our bookshelves that we haven't touched in a year 
but aren't willing to part with because we might need them some day.

Mix all that together and here's the new experiment: A Right of Return 

Here's how it works:

1) Gather those books that you don't ever look at (no obsolete books, 
thanks) and bring them to Lloyd's office.  Write your name across the 
page edges or inside the front cover or somewhere easily identifiable.
2) If you ever want the book back, come get it.  Lloyd will remove it 
from the list of available books

That's it.

In the meantime, any of the DLSLUG or GNHLUG members are able to check 
them out according to the normal library rules.  Any books that are 
significantly damaged will be replaced by the borrower (or else!) 
according to our normal library rules.  We do expect these books to be 
used so the spine will likely be in somewhat worse shape than when you 
dropped it off if you ever want it back.  But in the meantime the group 
members will have benefited from your generosity.

Please consider contributing a book or two (or more) to the cause.


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